What Kind of Fence is right for Your Property?

What Kind of Fence is right for Your Property?

There are many types of Ottawa Fences you can use for your property based on the function such as keeping your property secure, adding a decorative touch and defining your property lines. Here are a few ideas to help you choose the fence that is right for your property.


If you are in need of Ottawa fences to provide your property with a decorative detail there are a number of styles and materials from which to choose. The most popular would include iron, pressure treated and cedar fences. PVC is also gaining in popularity as it is not only attractive but maintenance free. You can have Ottawa fences custom design at Cloture Nolyn Fence to meet your needs and use them in hand with other decorative details such as gates, archways and trellises.


If you require security to protect your property you might be interested in looking at iron or chain link fences. Iron can add a more stately appearance to a property and can be used with attractive gates allowing you to enter with a vehicle and then shut out trespassers. Chain link is an excellent affordable choice that can be used in addition with precautionary measures such as barbed wire.


The law requires you to maintain a locked and fenced in area around your pool to avoid accidents. There are many types of Ottawa fences that will keep your pool safe without interfering with the look of your pool and property. Chain link is still a popular choice and also comes in a number of colour choices including grey and black. However iron is very upscale providing a touch of country charm or modern elegance to your property.


If you are looking for a durable fence on a private property PVC is by far one of your best choices. It comes in a number of colours including white and can add a lovely look to your property while remaining free of moss, rot and warping.

Property Line

If you wish to define your property line one of the most affordable solutions is a chain link fence. You can choose to use this on the farther most areas of your property and use a more decorative fence such as cedar or iron closer to your home for a more upscale look.

As you can see there are many possibilities for your fencing needs suitable for any look or budget.


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