What is the role of the family dentist?

What is the role of the family dentist?

A family dentist has undergone specialist training and certification which allows him to provide dental services to every member of the family, including pediatric dentistry and geriatric dentistry. The services range from the basics such as cleaning and filling to more complex procedures such as esthetic services.

A dental clinic in Mansfield Ohio works with established patients and accepts new patients on a daily basis; they help manage the dental care of all family members. Routine treatments such as cleanings are done by dental hygienists that are an integral part of the practice, upon completion the patient is handed over to the dentist for the treatment of any emerging dental issues that the hygienist uncovered. For most people, twice a year appointments are sufficient to keep their teeth in excellent condition, however, there are patients that require closer monitoring of chronic problems.

Many family dentists also offer cosmetic dentistry along with the routine care. Cosmetic dentistry also requires that the dentist take additional courses and receive certification; however there are some treatments that cause the family dentist to offer a referral to a different dentist. In many cases a patient who requires oral surgery or orthodontics is passed to a dentist who specializes in these procedures. In the event of a referral, the family dentist will consult with the specialist, passing on the patient’s complete dental history.

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Many families continue with the same family dentist for many years, from childhood until old age. Children require special care because their mouths have not yet fully developed and as the patient ages, the dentist can provide preventative care and dentures if necessary. Over the years, patient and dentist get to know each other well; the dentist keeps a full medical history of the patients as they age and certain specific care must be exercised with their treatment.

A dental clinic in Mansfield Ohio may maintain relationships with other specialists which allow the patient to stay within the practice for as many dental services as possible. This is very convenient for the patient and can result in better care due to the continuity. Dentists find it to be simpler if they are in a position to share patient history, including charts and experiences. In some cases these other practitioners may be in the same building.

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