What Is Bail Bonding?

Bail bonding is a business, the business of helping those people who have been arrested and charged with a crime to pay the bail which the court demands to gain temporary freedom. After a person is arrested they will be subject to an arraignment which in many cases is held at the same time as the bail hearing, it is during this hearing that the judge will set the bail amount based on a number of factors. If the defendant is not in a financial position to pay the bail he or she will normally rely on emergency bail bonds in Oberlin Louisiana. The bonding agency pays the bail on behalf of the accused, the accused pays the bonding company a percentage of the bail as a fee. Once the case has been to trial and settled the bail is returned to the bonding agency who keeps the fee as profit.

The amount of bail depends very much on the crime, the individual who is accused of committing the crime and the judge. A judge has every right to deny bail if he or she considers the crime to be serious enough or the accused may be a flight risk or has a long history of criminal activity. When the judge takes everything into consideration and decides to set bail the accused can pay the money from his or her own resources or seek the services of a company that offers emergency bail bonds in Oberlin Louisiana. As bail is usually set higher than most people can pay, seeking the help of a bonding company is normal.

Bail bonding agencies are in the business to help those who have been arrested post bail which allows them to avoid spending time in jail awaiting trial. It is common for bail bonding companies to have their offices close to police stations, courts and jails and they are usually open to serve applicants 24 hours a day. If the bondsman agrees to post bail, it will be paid directly to the court on behalf of the agency, the defendant pays the agency a fee for this service which is normally 10 percent.

When a defendant in a criminal case does arrange for emergency bail bonds in Oberlin Louisiana the bondsman will explain to the defendant in the case what they expect. Normally the defendant must stay within the area and check in with the bondsman at specific, predetermined times.

If you get arrested and charged with a crime the court will normally decide on the bail amount that must be paid to gain freedom prior to the trial date. If you cannot pay the bail you will be looking for a source of emergency bail bonds in Oberlin Louisiana.

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