What Is a False Claims Act Attorney Chicago and What Do They Do?

The false claims ACT is also known as the Lincoln Law. It is a federal law that applies to people and companies, particularly federal contractors, who attempt to defraud the federal government and its programs. This act is the government’s foremost litigation tool in defeating fraudulent acts.

People commit most of the violations that apply under the false claims ACT in the medical and healthcare industries. Typical cases include medical centers that bill the government for services they did not provide to patients, along with various forms of Medicaid or Medicare fraud.

False certification claims are another form of fraud that happens when a person or a business knowingly makes false claims to obtain money from the federal government.

The false claims ACT attorney allows for private citizens or whistleblowers to file a lawsuit against people or businesses that have defrauded the federal government either directly or indirectly.

A false claims ACT attorney in Chicago can help whistleblowers build a case by assisting with the detailed legal analysis and investigation into a possible crime. The lawyer will carefully go over and analyze the situation from every possible legal angle.

They will work with the Department of Justice and the United States Attorney’s Office to get the maximum whistleblower reward possible. These cases are complicated, and it is crucial to seek legal assistance from an experienced and skilled False Claims Act lawyer before even filing a complaint.

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