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If you’re thinking about visiting a cosmetic surgeon, you could be considering liposuction in Schaumburg as well as a facelift for breast augmentation. The processes that occur before each procedure vary slightly. Here’s how your breast reduction process will go:


The consultation is the period before deciding to have your breast reduction, facelift or liposuction in Schaumburg. With a breast reduction, the surgeon will want to explain the entire process and also get a look at your breasts to see their size and formation. The surgeon will do this to help develop the best plan for reducing them. The office will contact your insurance company to try to get approval for payment if you’re getting the procedure for medical reasons.


You’ll have to go to a preoperative meeting and get some testing done before you can have a breast augmentation. This usually requires people to make two visits to the hospital before surgery, but it might only require one. The testing is done to ensure that you will survive the surgery without experiencing any issues or problems. The pre-op appointment is to explain the entire surgical procedure and let you know what to expect in recovery.

Surgery and Recovery

You’ll either be assigned a time for an outpatient procedure, or you’ll be signed into the hospital for a one-day stay or more. Your recovery time will vary depending on the procedure and how strenuous your job and life are.

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