What Can You Expect From a Root Canal in Dubuque?

What Can You Expect From a Root Canal in Dubuque?

When many people hear that they need a root canal, they become fearful because they do not know what to expect. If you are in need of a root canal, knowing what will occur can ease your mind and help to prepare you for the treatment you will undergo. Having a root canal is beneficial to many people and can help to save your tooth if there is damage inside the canals and to the nerves and tissues. By having a root canal, you may be able to avoid a tooth extraction and stop the pain and discomfort you are feeling in your tooth.


Having a root canal is not always a one visit procedure. When going to have your Root Canal in Dubuque, you will first have X-rays done. The X-rays are important because they will allow your dentist to see if there is any infection or damage in the canals or in the surrounding bone tissue. This helps to prepare the dentist for the root canal so he or she knows exactly what will need to be done during the procedure.

The first step of a root canal involves the dentist numbing the area. A drill will then be used to create an opening down into the tooth structure. Through this opening, the dentist will use special tools to remove the tissue and nerves of the canals and the inside of the tooth. Using canal files, all of the tissue, infection and debris will be removed completely. If you have infection during your Root Canal in Dubuque, the dentist will likely pack your tooth with medication and wait until the infection clears before sealing your tooth permanently.

Once your infection has cleared, the dentist will fill your tooth, keeping out food particles and saliva. This prevents infections and since the nerve is removed, you will feel no more pain. If you are in need of a Root Canal in Dubuque or you simply need dental care, contact Lundell and Hoy Dentistry today. They have the tools and knowledge to keep your smile healthy and looking great so that you feel good about your appearance.

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