What Can You Do to Get Disability Benefits?

What Can You Do to Get Disability Benefits?

When you are faced with a chronic illness or injury, it can cause you to become permanently disabled and unable to work. This can be devastating and cause you tons of stress. Though most people know they have the right to file for social security disability benefits, not everyone knows their full rights when going through the process. If you are disabled, it can help to hire a Social Security Lawyer in Rochester NY, to help you through the filing process. This will ensure your rights are protected, so you can get the benefits you deserve.

When you first begin working with your Social Security Lawyer in Rochester NY, he or she will help you in filling out your paperwork. It is imperative you have at least two medical doctors to state you are fully and permanently disabled. Medical evidence must be submitted, or you will be denied your benefits, even if you are deserving of them.

Many people are denied when they first file. This can be because the paperwork is not properly filled out or they did not supply the correct information. Sometimes, there seems to be no apparent reason for the denial.
Fortunately, a lawyer can assist you if you are denied. If you receive a denial on your claim, your attorney can file an appeal. The appeal process allows your case to be heard before a judge, where further medical evidence can be submitted on your behalf. Medical experts can also be brought in to testify.

Once you are approved for your social security benefits, you will receive a lump sum payment that dates back to the time you first filed. Once this payment has been completed, you will then begin receiving your monthly payments, as regularly scheduled.

If you have become disabled and are no longer able to work, contact the Business Name. He and his team will be glad to assist you with your claim, so you can have the legal help you need. They will work to make sure you receive the benefits you deserve, so you no longer have to feel stressed.

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