What can you do if your spouse wants a divorce?

What can you do if your spouse wants a divorce?

Imagine waking up some morning and having your spouse present you with the fact that he or she wishes a divorce, this can be very difficult, especially if you are not in agreement with the demand for divorce. For some, this suggestion is not a huge surprise, there are times when the marriage is in trouble and sooner or later, one partner will suggest divorce. There are also times when the demand comes like a bolt from the blue, a complete shock to the partner who is quite content in the marriage.

When the marriage has been in trouble for some time, a divorce may be the relief that both parties need; however, if the demand comes as a shock, in order to protect yourself, you must immediately seek the services of a divorce lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA to protect yourself, the estate and the children.

The truth is; there is no way to stop being divorced. Every US state adheres to no-fault divorce laws. Although there are variations in interpretation of the no-fault statutes from one state to another, in the end it means that is your spouse wants a divorce; there is nothing you can do to stop it from happening.

One important issue to remember in a “shock announcement;” do not leave the home. If you or the children feel that you are risk of physical harm that is one thing, but if you are comfortable, wait for the petitioner to leave otherwise you may be the one accused of abandoning the home.

If there is relative calm in the home, sit down and listen to the reasons why your spouse wants a divorce, if you feel it will get you anywhere, suggest that you both attend counseling. Even if the reasons for the divorce are something that makes you want to go along with it, seeking a divorce lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA at this time is an excellent idea as he will be able to guide you in issues that concern child support, child custody and the division of assets. At this time you will feel angry; don’t do anything that will reflect negatively when the case gets to court. It may be hard to rise above it all, but it can be done and it is being done every day.

Willems Law Office will help you make the best decisions possible If you have been told that your spouse wants a divorce. It is possible to seek counseling and arbitration from a divorce lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA.

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