What Bankruptcy Lawyers in Jacksonville, FL, Want You to Know About Dealing with Debt Collectors

by | Jul 10, 2024 | Estate Planning Attorney

Financial stress and debt weigh heavily on many people’s minds. Some debt collectors amplify the stress with illegal tactics and harassment. Here’s what bankruptcy lawyers in Jacksonville, FL, want you to know about debt collector harassment.

Lie About Working for the Government

Debt collectors are not allowed to lie or misrepresent themselves as working for a government agency, including police forces. If a debt collector is threatening to take you to jail or have you arrested for your debts, they are violating your rights.

While debt collectors cannot have you arrested, it’s essential to abide by any court orders you receive concerning your debt. If you fail to comply with an order, you may be arrested.

Shame You Publicly

Your debt is between you, the collector, and, if you have one, your spouse. The debt collector is not allowed to make your debt public. They cannot post about it online, send a postcard announcing you have debt, or share that information.

Collect Debt That Isn’t Yours

Whether your debt has been discharged or you’re receiving collections that don’t belong to you, a collection agency is obligated to prove the debt is yours. Bankruptcy lawyers in Jacksonville, FL, recommend never taking responsibility for a debt. You can ask the collection agency to verify the debt, but be sure not to claim it directly.

Harass You

Debt collectors are not allowed to use profane language, yell, threaten, or harm you. They may not call you before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. or call you repeatedly. They also are not allowed to contact you at your place of employment. If you tell them to stop contacting you or only contact your attorney, they must abide by your wishes.

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