What Are Your Needs for Boat Insurance in Suffolk County, NY?

While a boat makes it possible for you to enjoy clear blue waters and fun, it also comes with risks. The type, size, and value of a watercraft will factor into what you choose for insurance. As with any type of insurance protection, you need to know the policy limits and what exactly is covered.

What Boating Policies Cover

Boat insurance in Suffolk County, NY usually covers physical damage to the craft. Other coverages include property damage, medical payments, and theft. Each of these protections come with varying deductibles. An insurance company may provide optional coverage for boating accessories or trailers.

Usually, you will not need boat insurance in Suffolk County, NY if you already can cover a small boat under your renter’s insurance or homeowner’s policy. Insurers may provide limited protection for the damage done to boats such as small sailboats, small powerboats, or canoes. While liability insurance is typically not added, it can be included as an endorsement to a homeowner policy.

Do You Own a Yacht?

You will not need regular boat insurance if you own a yacht or similar large, fast boat. Jet skis are not covered under this protection either. In these cases, you will usually need to take out a whole new separate policy. Therefore, what you choose in protection will hinge on the size of the boat, the accessories, and the horsepower of the watercraft.

Taking Care of All Your Liability Needs

While boat insurance plans generally offer more liability coverage than what is offered in a homeowner’s policy, it may be better to opt for an umbrella policy for your liability needs. This type of plan will offer extra protection for your boat, car, and home.

Who to Contact Online

As you can see, you need to carefully assess your insurance needs if you own a watercraft. Talk to your insurer about your needs along these lines. You can get a better idea of what plans to consider when you visit ginsbergagency.com online. Ask questions so you can become better informed. Choosing this type of protection can be confusing if you are not armed with the right information.

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