What Are the Best Self Protection Devices?

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Many people today feel vulnerable when they go to public places. This is especially true if you have to walk to your car at night in a dimly lit parking facility. Self protection devices can scare off criminals and make you feel safe and secure. Here are some of the most common things you can use


You can conceal weapons, though with difficulty. If someone approaches you, you can point it in their face. However, a weapon may not work if someone comes up behind you.


Chemical weapons use a solution and when sprayed in the eyes can irritate the perpetrator. They create a harsh burning sensation in the eyes, and the long-term effects are harmless. Yet, you have to get very close to an attacker to use pepper spray. You also must aim adequately. Did you know even trained law enforcement can often miss their target when adrenaline is high?

Personal Alarm

Personal alarms are some of the most effective self protection devices you can use. They can easily fit into a pocket, and you can wear them around your neck. You may attach a keychain to personal alarms so you can have it with you when you exit and go to your car.

With weapons and chemicals, you have to get near a threat to use it. This is sometimes dangerous and can put you in jeopardy. You activate your personal alarm by pulling out a pin. You can scare away criminals from a distance away to eliminate threats before they happen.

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