West Chelsea NYC Penthouses Offer Advantages And Disadvantages

West Chelsea NYC Penthouses Offer Advantages And Disadvantages

Whenever you are considering a new place to live, it is important to weigh out the advantages and disadvantages. The same is true with penthouses in West Chelsea NYC. The urban area offers many great advantages but may also have a few minor disadvantages, as well, such as cost. It is important to think about everything before making a decision and talk with others to determine what is the best course.


Because it is important to pay attention to the potential drawbacks of where you live, disadvantages of penthouses can include elevator problems, isolation, and cost. Most West Chelsea NYC condominiums have one or two elevators for everyone in the condo, including the penthouse. This means that during peak times, you may need to wait to get a free elevator. If the elevators are full, you will be making many stops before arriving at your home. However, this doesn’t cause a problem for most people because they enjoy talking with others in the building.

Isolation can also be a problem because you won’t have any neighbors. A penthouse may offer two at the top of each building, allowing you one neighbor, but you won’t get that feeling of being close to others. Most people prefer being left alone while at home, so this may not be a problem.

Cost is another disadvantage, but if you require high-quality living and luxury, you are likely willing to pay the price.


A penthouse in West Chelsea can offer the highest luxury living available because you receive a lot of space to live, a beautiful view and can even have your own private Jacuzzi or pool. Amenities can include private restaurants, laundry services and choice reservations around town.

It will seem magical because you are above all the bustle, but can still look down and see the comings and goings of everyone in NYC. You can always pop out and go to a club if you want to be part of the bustle or look serenely out over the din.

A penthouse is considered a status symbol and usually provides you more power. In many cases, this means that you get first choice of whatever you want, whether it has been booked already or not. If this type of power pleases you, penthouse living is definitely the way to go.

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