Want a Better Smile? Make an Appointment with a Dental Office in Casa Grande

Want a Better Smile? Make an Appointment with a Dental Office in Casa Grande

Dentists provide more services each year. It used to be that people went and got their teeth cleaned, had a few cavities filled, occasionally had a tooth pulled out and called it a day. Today these medical professional play a much larger role in a person’s health. They are often called on to diagnose and treat pain in the joints related to the jaw bones. Since they see many patients twice a year, they often spot mouth cancer while it is in its most treatable stages. Patients rely on their Dental Office Casa Grande practice to also give them a smile that’s as beautiful as it is healthy.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments are the fastest growing segment of dentistry. Teeth whitening procedures are the most often requested treatment in this specialty. Casa Grande Dentists can lighten a patient’s teeth up to eight shades in just one visit. The dentist puts the whitening agent in a tray and has the patient bite on it. A special light can be used to intensify the process. This treatment is much more effective than home teeth whitening kits. These can take two weeks to work and have to be used twice a day.

Many adults who weren’t able to have braces as children have decided that they aren’t going to spend their entire lives being ashamed of their smile. The new invisible braces are part of the reason for their decision. Their Dental Office Casa Grande dentist takes impressions of their upper and lower teeth and sends them to a dental laboratory. The technician used a computer program to design a series of clear aligners that fit over the teeth. The aligners gently nudge the teeth into a new position. These get upgraded about every two weeks. Patients must wear them about 22 hours a day to stay on schedule. They can take them out for eating and brushing.

If the teeth are white and straight but chipped and oddly shaped a dentist can quickly fit veneers over them. In just one visit a persons ugly teeth can be covered with perfectly shaped veneers. These can even fill in large gaps between teeth. Click here for more information.

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