Walk-in Beer Caves Refrigeration Systems

If you were looking for walk in beer caves California, turn to the experts at TKS Walk-ins. They have all the latest technology and appliances to suit your every need. If you’re trying to build a walk-in stand-alone refrigeration system that would allow you to sell beer, soft drinks are other cold food items like ice cream, you need to see what they can do for you at TKS.

Finding the best refrigeration system is not only important but it is central to the success of your business. If your business depends on keeping foods and drinks fresh and cold for your customers, you need to find the best refrigeration and cold storage possible.

Walk in beer caves California are popular in many other areas of the country too. If you offer one of these to your customers you will see your customer base grow as you appeal to both locals and travelers in search of a cold drink. But in order to do this, you must know that your refrigeration system is reliable and easy to access.

At TKS, we feature panels that are both USDA-approved and expandable so that you can move them to wherever you need them to be. We have computerized refrigeration programs in full production walk-in coolers and freezers that allow you to have no limits on your imagination in terms of how you want to use them.

TKS offer stand-alone units as well as units that are attached to your buildings. The construction includes 26 gauge steel with baked-on enamel that is both attractive and functional.

Call on the Pros

To make sure that you get the best beer cave walk ins California, visit with us online at your business visit with the people at TKS walk-in refrigeration and manufacturing today. They can offer you a free estimate and get you started with your swords cool a cool storage system so that you’ll never have to worry whether your product is cold for your customers.

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