Various Flooring Options are Available to San Antonio Residents

Various Flooring Options are Available to San Antonio Residents

New homeowners seeking options from a San Antonio floor company will find that there are many available, including numerous materials, styles, colors, types of flooring, and uses that can be tailored to meet individual needs. Basically, each type of flooring not only has its own intrinsic pros and cons, but one may fit a customer’s needs more than another depending upon the circumstance. The basic options include carpet, hardwood floors, laminates, tiles and stone or marble floors. Each category contains a multitude of other options regarding materials, styles and functions as well.

Many people prefer carpet because it is the cheapest solution. Apartment owners who rent out units usually put in carpet rather than hardwood floors because it is cheaper and easier to replace if it is damaged by tenants. Some of the pros of using carpet in San Antonio for your flooring needs is that it works as an insulator for temperature, a cushion for children to play on or in case of accidental falls, a filter for contaminants in the air (if cleaned regularly) and can be quite attractive and comforting.

Hardwood floors, however, are a far more desirable choice for most homeowners, and their greater expense reflects that estimation of value. Hardwood floors have a high aesthetic quality, are easy to maintain, are highly durable and do not trap contaminants that can reduce air quality, and add value to the investment of the property. In San Antonio, floor options may change for individuals, but rarely are wood floors ever taken out and reinstalled. With care, a hardwood floor can last in good condition for more than 100 years.

Tiles comes in a variety of different materials depending on use, but can be made to mimic hardwood floors, as well as stone or marble surfaces. A tile floor is a highly functional flooring option for homeowners because they are fairly easy to maintain, and depending on how well the style fits into the home décor, can also add value to the home investment. Repairs are far easier for tiles than for carpets or wood floors, since individual tiles that have been broken, cracked, stained or otherwise damaged can be easily replaced without disruption the whole floor schema.

Stone and marble floors are more expensive alternatives that usually do not cover the entire breadth of a typical San Antonio home. A marble floor may add a specific quality in the kitchen, foyer or bathroom, but for most people would be somewhat out of place in the bedroom or living room.

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