Using E-cigarette Cartridges Vs Tobacco Cigarettes

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Healthcare

Buying a pack of cigarettes is not really a burden if you have just started to learn how to smoke. But once you get hooked on it, you will find out that it takes a huge sum from your salary and affects your budget. Not only that; your body will be a candidate for several medical conditions that you’ll find hard to avoid.

In the advent of e-cigarettes, people have come to know that avoiding nicotine can also be possible even if they have been smoking for years. Therefore, time has come for smokers to get their acts together and start preventing themselves from contracting future ailments.

What ecigarette cartridges have to offer

Smoking e-cigarettes starts with a smoker buying a starter kit and these kits contain e-cigarette cartridges that are used to puff smoke. The smoke is odorless and the e-cigarette cartridges may or may not contain nicotine. Well, there are many dealers that have incorporated a little amount of nicotine in their products but there are some that have zero nicotine content.

E-cigarette cartridges have several flavors to choose from. There is mint, fruit, chocolate, coffee, and many more options. These alternative smoking tools are rechargeable and e-cigarette cartridges can be replaced after less than a hundred puffs depending on how frequent the smoker uses them. Therefore, heavy smokers may only get to puff 80 or more before having to replace the cartridge with a new one.

How ecigarette cartridges can make you save on money

If you have decided to lessen your smoking and choose an e-cigarette over the actual thing, then, you are surely on your way to a possible healthier bodily condition; and much more, save on your monthly budget. E-cigarette cartridges can last a longer time. For instance, when you consume 8-10 sticks of cigarettes in a day, you will only spend the amount for one cartridge. Sounds good to read but it is true!

E-cigarette cartridges and your health

E-cigarettes can make you save your health from probable deterioration. Smoking deteriorates health and even smokers know this. Tobacco is counted as one of the major causes of death globally as smoking is highly addictive. Once you are in it, you’ll find it hard to stay away from it more so if you are always bonding with friends who are either heavy smokers or drinkers.

Smoking is somewhat linked to drinking as there are people who cannot afford to drink liquor without smoking on the side. Even though a drinker doesn’t smoke, he breathes second hand smoke coming from the person next to him; a more dangerous effect is brought by this. And this is the reason why e-cigarettes and e-cigarette cartridges were invented.

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