Using Custom Chocolate Casino Chips for a Casino Wedding

Using Custom Chocolate Casino Chips for a Casino Wedding

If you and your future spouse love spending time in Las Vegas or simply love to gamble, holding a casino-themed reception may be right up your alley. As you are planning your reception, you will need to take many things into consideration to create a true casino atmosphere without spending a lot of money. For instance, you can use custom chocolate casino chips instead of real casino chips to give everyone something to enjoy later.


For a casino-themed wedding reception, you don’t need to get real casino tables to set up around the room. Instead, you can change the regular tables you would use for any wedding reception and cover them with green table cloths to make them appear to be casino tables. If you have someone who is creative, you can ask them to paint on the markings that are found on a variety of casino tables to add to the atmosphere.


Whether you choose to actually play games or you just want to give the look of a casino, custom chocolate casino chips are a must. Instead of using the plastic casino chips that aren’t going to do anyone any good after the event, your guests will love the delicious chocolate wrapped in foil that makes them look like casino chips. Package them up in boxes that look like dice and use them to enhance the decorations you leave out on the tables.

Other Decorations

In addition to decorating the tables as if they are casino tables and using casino-themed favors, you need to think about other decorations. Instead of hanging balloons around the room, hang furry pairs of dice you would typically hang in your rearview mirror. Purchase cheap decks of cards and glue them into fanned out poker hands. These can be hung on the walls or placed on the tables to enhance the effect.

Having a casino-themed wedding reception can be a great way to integrate your love of the casino with your wedding. When you are in the planning stages, you need to find the perfect way to decorate the hall, such as with green table cloths, furry dice and decks of cards fanned out in various poker hands. If you are looking for a fun favor for your guests, custom chocolate casino chips can be the perfect option to fit in with your theme and please your guests.

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