Use Your Air Conditioning Service To Help Tame Those Sierra Vista, AZ Summers

Many homeowners find air conditioning service in Plano to be a must. Everyone knows that Sierra Vista, AZ has the biggest of everything. The state itself is huge, as are the attitudes and gusto for life of its inhabitants. Sierra Vista, AZ also has a huge, hot summer, and is not for the faint of heart. A true Texan will not hide inside during hot days. However, once a Texan has proved his point, there is nothing like coming home to a cool, comfortable air conditioned home.

Air conditioners in Plano see heavy use. Fortunately, these appliances are built to work hard and to last. Many homeowners are able to install their central air conditioners and not have to worry about them for years. However, once an air conditioner passes ten years of service, there is a nontrivial likelihood that they will need air conditioning service in Plano. The trick for homeowners is to perform regular maintenance checks throughout that ten-year period, to make sure that any failures are as small as possible, and that their air conditioning system is working optimally throughout that time.

There is a set of simple maintenance and detection procedures that the homeowners can perform himself. These are outlined in the user’s guide of the air conditioning system. However, beyond these procedures, the expertise and certification of a professional technician is required. The first deals with the handling of the refrigerant solution, which can be dangerous to both the homeowner and the environment. The second is that the air conditioner is a high-voltage system similar to your oven and electric dryer, and too dangerous to be handled by an amateur.

One of the first things handled by a professional air conditioning service in Plano is the refrigerant superheat and subcooling check. During this process, the refrigerant is measured for temperature once in its evaporative (superheated) state and once in its condensed (subcooled) state. These temperatures can determine the performance of the unit. A second check looks for refrigerant leaks. This includes a pressure test, a halide torch lead detection (or with the proper equipment, an ultrasonic leak detection), and a vacuum test. Each of these requires expertise and the proper equipment. Other professional services include refrigerant charging, system evacuation, and system pump down. Taken together, these procedures help preserve the integrity of the air conditioning system.

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