Use the Experts in Termite Control in Queens, NY

Use the Experts in Termite Control in Queens, NY

Few insects can do the damage that swarms of termites can; literally billions of dollars in damage are done each year by these pests, as they attack homes, forests, books, insulation, even swimming pool liners and filtration systems. Their work can be undetectable by the naked eye at times and can go undetected for years. Even wood that is exposed may not indicate the damage being done, since the outer surfaces are left intact. If you have seen swarming termites or have any other reason to believe that your home may have been targeted by these hungry pests you will need Termite Control in Queens, NY.

Experts in termite control realize that every infestation will be as unique as the homes and families that are affected. They will tailor a treatment plan to your specific circumstances. Unlike many pest control services, these professionals won’t just treat your home and leave; they will investigate thoroughly to find the root cause of your infestation first, locating the termite’s point of entry. This is usually indicated by mud tubes that run up and over your foundation walls, support piers, and floor joists. Termites use these tubes as protection while they shuttle back and forth between their underground colonies and your home. Once the point of entry has been discovered, the pest professionals can determine how best to treat your infestation to, not only get rid of the current pests, but to insure the infestation doesn’t reoccur.

Liquid treatments may be applied in large quantities by injecting the termiticide into the ground next to your foundation, under concrete slabs, or actually within foundation walls, depending on your situation. Another form of treatment to rid your home of termites entails using bait. This is paper, cardboard, or other food that is acceptable to termites which is combined with a slow-acting material that is lethal to termites. Scout termites take the bait and share it with other members of their colony. Bait can either be used by itself or in conjunction with the liquid treatment. Whichever methods of treatment are best for your home, this sort of project is best left to experts in Termite Control in Queens, NY. Anything strong enough to be effective should be left to trained professionals.

The experienced pest control technicians at Rudy’s Exterminating Company Inc. will put their years of experience to work for you, and they can respond within 24 hours.

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