Upgrading Your Home’s Air Conditioning in Chandler

Upgrading Your Home’s Air Conditioning in Chandler

Upgrading to a new high-efficiency air conditioner can be a substantial investment in Chandler. Between the cost of materials and labor, the average homeowner can spend anywhere from $1,737 to $3,077, or even more if other HVAC system upgrades are necessary, according to RemodelingExpense.com. Still, switching to a high-efficiency unit has some surprising financial perks, and most experts agree that it’s a cost-effective long-term investment. Below are some of the surprising monetary benefits of upgrading to high-efficiency Air Conditioning in Chandler.

Lower Utility Bills

Homeowners are often shocked at how drastically a high-efficiency air conditioner can lower their energy costs. According to experts, replacing an older unit with a high-efficiency model can slash electricity bills by up to 50%. To get the most savings, focus on purchasing an air conditioner that has a the highest SEER and EER rating you can afford. For hot and dry climates like Arizona, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy recommends a SEER rating of at least 15.0 and an EER rating of 12.0 or higher.

Higher Home Resale Value

A home that features energy-efficient appliances can really stand out in the housing market. According to real estate agents, home buyers in recent years have become very keen on purchasing properties with environmentally-friendly features like high-efficiency air conditioners, furnaces and water heaters. Depending on the housing market at the time you sell, your upgraded Air Conditioning in Chandler could raise the value of your home or help it sell faster.

Home Insurance Discounts

If your air conditioning upgrade is part of a complete HVAC system overhaul, you could be rewarded with lower home insurance rates. Aging HVAC systems are a big worry to insurers because of the risk of property damage, so upgrading can save you hundreds on yearly insurance costs.

Tax Credits and Rebates

If you’ve already installed a high-efficiency air conditioner in your home, you’re probably eligible to receive certain tax credits. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, you can get a tax refund of $300 if you’ve recently installed an air conditioner that performs in the highest efficiency tier as defined by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. For information on tax credits and rebates for 2014, talk to a contractor at TSC Mechanical.

High-efficiency air conditioners can be expensive, but that extra cost is often offset by opportunities for long-term money savings. Financially and environmentally, they’re truly a sound investment.

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