Up Your Game with an Airsoft Grenade Launcher

Up Your Game with an Airsoft Grenade Launcher

While the precision of a rifle can make hitting single targets a blast, sometimes it’s just more fun to take a swipe at a large number of “enemy” combatants. When that’s the case, upping your game with an airsoft grenade launcher might just deliver the satisfaction you’re after.

What Does a Launcher Do?

Just like an actual grenade launcher, an airsoft grenade launcher is meant to create a large swath of destruction. In this case, however, properly geared players will be just fine, but they can be taken out of the game thanks to the massive spray pattern of BBs this type of artillery delivers. Grenade launchers can work as standalone weapons for players on the field designated to use them or they can work as accessories to actual rifles, giving users an option of fire style depending on the circumstances.

What to Expect from Them

An airsoft grenade launcher isn’t meant to give players a precision strike, so to say. This type of weapon can, however, take out a number of targets all at once thanks to its rather large spray pattern.

These airsoft accessories are best used in outdoor games or indoor arenas where the field of play is pretty large and the number of combatants on both sides is also decent.

Making Play Safe

Special Airsoft grenade launchers and shells are serious weapons for players passionate about this sport. To enhance safety and enjoyment for everyone, launchers should only be used on fields of play where they are anticipated and welcome. To ensure everyone walks off the field safely, make sure all players:

  • Use protective eye gear – Airsoft guns shoot soft BBs or pellets by design. While they’re not really meant to hurt, the eyes are pretty sensitive. Never fire an airsoft gun at a person who isn’t wearing eye protection.
  • Wear other protective gear – While basic rifles and pistols don’t fire massive barrages, launchers do by design. With that in mind, the sting can be a bit more noticeable. When these weapons and other faster, fire power devices are introduced into a game, it’s a good idea for players to have on other protective gear, including helmets, pants and shirts, or jackets.
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