Unravel the Newest Ideas in Art With Fiber and Material Studies

Fiber and textile art is older than the Egyptians, with many Coptic artifacts surviving to this day and adorning many great museum installations. The combination of a potentially lasting work of art with such an ephemeral media makes fiber arts even more exciting. Explore this thrilling, multifaceted discipline through a comprehensive, fun, academic pathway with a fiber arts degree.

Adding New Stitches to the Traditional BFA or MFA

A fiber arts degree is essentially a BFA or an MFA with a concentration in fiber and material studies. Undergraduate classes include an introduction to the concentration as well as courses on dyeing, stitching, weaving, printing on fabric and working with alternative materials.

The curriculum addresses a world of materials. This includes the structure of materials and the endless innovations you can put in service to making and distinguishing fabric art via sculpting, handcrafting, painting, digital technologies, and collaborations.

Fiber and Interdisciplinary Art Making Major Comeback

A few years ago, a British artist and his work appeared in several mainstream international magazines. The artist in question works primarily with tulle, handcrafting textile sculptures that occupy space in luxury department store windows, high-end galleries, and the private enclaves of collectors’ homes.

Textile art is no longer just merely theoretical. It’s timeless and yet fantastical of the moment. How exactly does one become a textile artist? What does a fiber arts degree entail?

From Working Idea to Weft and Weave

The fiber and material studies program also acquaints students with techniques in 2D and 3D. The bulk of studio work includes harmonizing concepts, concerns and content, transforming ideas from a flat visual surface to a structured, textured and nuanced work of art. Studio work may also entail mixed media and crossover disciplines.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago boasts a broad range of curriculum designed to help you master the key areas of fiber art as you complete your fine arts degree.

Get more information and specifics about their website of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

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