Understanding Requirements For Car Insurance In Reading, PA

Understanding Requirements For Car Insurance In Reading, PA

Pennsylvania drivers are required by law to fulfill their financial responsibility by purchasing and maintaining automobile insurance. Liability coverage is required by all states under U.S. insurance laws to lessen the impact of litigation based on automobile accident injuries. As a no-fault state Pennsylvania has taken the initiative to enforce financial responsibility by requiring heightened policy requirements. If you require Car Insurance in Reading PA to fulfill your obligations, you should contact Chester Perfetto Agency Inc today to receive a free quote.

Pennsylvania Insurance Requirements

According to Pennsylvania automobile insurance requirements, all drivers must acquire at least liability insurance that covers a minimum of $15,000 per injury with a maximum of $30,000. Medical coverage should begin at no less than $5,000 per victim. This policy should also include at least $5,000 worth of coverage for any property damage that occurs during an accident. This includes automobile damage as well damage sustained by buildings in the nearby area.

An alternative to liability insurance in Pennsylvania is a bond for at least $35,000. The driver could also set up a savings funds in this value to show their financial responsibility. An insurance agent can discuss these possibilities with a driver who wishes to use these alternative routes to fulfill their obligations in the common wealth.

Insurance providers offer additional policies, which are beneficial to vehicle owners as well as other drivers who may become involved in an automobile accident. Uninsured motorist insurance offers coverage for the vehicle owner in the event that the driver who actually causes the accident does not possess insurance. Under insured motorist insurance offers the same benefits when the drivers’ insurance policies are inadequate and will not cover all associated costs. Some policies also provide coverage for funeral expenses should a fatality occur.

As a Pennsylvania resident, you are required to maintain no less than liability insurance, or you could face penalties. These penalties begin with hefty fines and suspension of your license. If you are unsure of the exact coverage requirements for your county of residence, you should contact a carrier to discuss options for Car Insurance in Reading PA today.

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