Understanding Civil Law In La Crosse, WI

Understanding Civil Law In La Crosse, WI

Civil Law in La Crosse, WI pertains to a wide spectrum of matters pertaining to your life. For instance, in this area of the law you will produce a will and establish guardianship for your children based on your wishes. Civil law applies to personal injury cases, real estate proceedings and foreclosures, and establishing a business. If you are ready to start your own company, fight against those who have wronged you, or establish your final wishes contact the O’Neill Law Firm.

Understanding Civil Law
Cases that relate to life events other than criminal cases are typically classified as civil. For instance civil litigation is a term used to describe a lawsuit that has been filed. This process enables clients to file a claim against an individual or company that has wronged them through accident or defamation. Civil law also applies to divorces, child custody, and child support cases. An attorney who focuses on many different aspects of civil law can provide you with further services as most probable life events are included in this wide spectrum.

Civil Law Attorney
O’Neill Law Firm LLC focuses primarily on civil and criminal law. This law firm offers assistance with divorces, will production, and personal injury cases. Additionally, they provide criminal defense services for any accused of a crime, whether the crime is a felony or misdemeanor. This wide spectrum of legal services allows this firm to present you with a wealth of options and to serve you effectively.

Civil Law in La Crosse, WI encompasses several case possibilities. These cases could relate to probating a will, establishing legal guardianship, or litigation against an individual or company that caused a personal injury. Your local attorney can provide these services for you effectively and to protect your interests in these proceedings. Real estate law is also included within civil matters to include foreclosures. To hire an attorney to assist you in these legal ventures, contact the O’Neill Law Firm immediately.


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