Types of Services Offered At A Veterinary Hospital

When becoming a pet owner, it is always a good idea to learn about the Bucktown animal hospitals. You want to learn the location and services of each veterinary clinic. This way, you are prepared for routine appointments and emergency situations. Here are three services you may find at your local animal hospital.

New Pet and New Adoption Exam

Part of becoming a pet owner is scheduling an exam for your new four-legged family member. It all starts with a review of their medical records to give you an idea of their previous medical history. The appointment also includes a physical and fecal exam to ensure your pet is healthy. You also receive information on vaccines, spay and neuter services, heartworm treatment, microchipping and insurance.

Pet Behavior Counseling

There are times when you need a little help to get your pet to behave. The staff at the animal hospital has years of experience in pet behavior counseling. Your pet is evaluated to see what kind of behavior counseling they need. The behavior counseling ranges from training to medication, and the staff can even offer techniques for you to try at home. You can rest assured that the staff is full of educated, understanding professionals.

Senior Care And Hospice

Senior care is designed to help your elderly pet spend the rest of their life feeling happy and comfortable. The staff looks at aspects such as their diet, joints, organs, oral health and cognitive awareness. They find solutions for untreated conditions and alternatives for prescription medication.

There also comes a time when their ailments are bringing down their quality of life, and you may need to make a very hard decision. The staff at the animal hospice is there to keep them comfortable and help you through this difficult time.

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