Types of Forklift Attachments in Orange County

The forklift is an essential piece of machinery that is most commonly used in warehouses and for moving heavy items. Basically, a forklift is a vehicle on four wheels that has a mechanical forklift installed in front of it. There are two forks and a hydraulic lift that allow the machinery to lift heavy items with minimal difficulty. Forklifts are mostly used for stocking in warehouses and for moving heavy items from one place to another. You should know that there are several varieties of forklift attachments in Orange County that you can buy or rent, as well. Here are some common attachments that you can buy.

Bale Clamps

Owing to the versatility of the forklift, many farm owners also use them for moving bales of various crops around. In order to move around these bales of cotton, synthetic textile, rag, hay, or any other material, you will need to purchase a bale clamp for your forklift. It’s one of the most common forklift attachments that you can purchase on the market right now, and it comes with two sets of clamps that can be fixed on either side. You can buy high-quality attachments from local companies like Select Equipment.


The Turnaload is a dual purpose attachment, designed not only for clamping, but also for lifting heavy loads that are affixed on a pallet. This is very useful for picking operations and for handling boxes and crates with or without a pallet. You can check out different kinds of forklift attachments at the company’s showroom, and then make your decision. It’s important that you purchase a high-quality forklift that’s going to last you a long while. These are a couple of popular attachments that you can buy for your forklift.

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