Types Of Cases Managed By An Employee Rights Attorney In Crowley, LA

In Louisiana, employment laws protect workers from discriminatory and unethical practices. The laws outline how employers protect their workers from dangerous circumstances, such as sexual harassment and potential work-related accidents. Violations of the laws or regulations lead to serious penalties for employers. An Employee Rights Attorney in Crowley LA assists workers who have a viable claim under employment laws.

Discrimination Cases Against Employers

Discrimination cases are based on gender, religion, sexual orientation, race, or disability. The cases start when an employer passes over a worker for a job or promotion based on discriminatory grounds. Federal laws prevent employers from using any discriminatory tactics during the hiring process, and any instances of discrimination are legally actionable.

Unlawful Termination Cases

Employers who fire their workers without just cause face unlawful termination claims. The law requires the employer to present an exact reason for the termination. Typically, the employer must violate company policies, cause a hostile work environment, or fail to perform their job duties properly. However, the law requires the employer to give the employee several warnings before firing them.

Violations of Labor Laws

Employees have a viable claim if their employer doesn’t follow labor laws appropriately. Employers are required by federal laws to pay workers time and a half time for all overtime hours. The laws outline the minimum wage that employers are required to pay their workers. Any violations of the federal labor laws give the workers just cause to file a lawsuit, and the company owner faces strict penalties for each violation.

Sexual Harassment Cases

Sexual harassment policies give victims an opportunity to report incidents to a supervisor or upper management. The actions create a hostile work environment for the victims and increase the risk of further criminal acts, such as rape.

In Louisiana, employment laws prevent employers from using discriminatory practices when hiring workers. The laws also protect workers who are being sexually harassed and report their employers. Unlawful termination claims are based on an unjust cause for firing a worker. Employees who need to discuss their case with an Employee Rights Attorney in Crowley LA contact Chris Richard Attorney for further information right now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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