Trust Your Roof To Badger Roofing Company

Badger Roofing Company is one of the top roofing contractors in Piscataway NJ. It also operates in other parts of New Jersey, New York, and eastern Pennsylvania. It has been in business for roughly two generations and works on both residential and business roofs.

It offers a variety of services that include installing a roof on a new building or repairing a roof on an older building. It also provides emergency roof repair, and this service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Emergency repairs cover anything from leaks to mold to a collapsed roof.

Badger Roofing Company is fully insured and bonded. It can install most roofing systems including EPDM, Liquid Applied, Modified, PVC, and TPO systems. Badger Roofing Company works with a variety of materials, including metal, masonry and sprays polyurethane roofing. The last is a fairly new technology that can be sprayed onto a new roof or an older one. As it has no seams or gaps, it is more waterproof than most materials.

Badger Roofing Company takes pride in its use of the latest technology. It uses a hydraulic hoist that enables its workers to install, maintain or repair roofs on high-rise buildings.

Going The Extra Mile
Sometimes, Badger Roofing Company will work for a client with special needs. For example, they had to replace a roof and built-in copper gutters on a church – without damaging a porcelain statue of Pope John Paul. To protect the statue, the workers erected scaffolding around it. They then covered it with plywood and wrapped the scaffolding with a polyester tarp. They also bagged roofing debris and set up a hoist to gently lower it to the ground.

On Maintenance Contracts
Badger Roofing Company provides maintenance contracts to all of their clients, regardless of whether they had their roof installed by Badger Roofing or another company. The contracts include periodic inspections followed by any needed repairs.

To learn more about roofing contractors in Piscataway NJ, contact Badger Roofing Inc. or visit the website

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