Troubleshooting a gas furnace

Troubleshooting a gas furnace

Approximately 35% of a families total energy bill goes to heating their house during the cold months. The more efficient the heater is working, the less fuel it will burn and the less it will cost. However, over time, heating repair in Knoxville will be required. Before the cold season returns, here are a few helpful tips on troubleshooting your gas furnace.

Troubleshooting guidelines for gas furnaces:

Problems with heat generation:

The purpose of a heater is to heat and to do it on demand. With the heat output of the furnace there are two possible problems; no heat or inadequate heat. The problem of no heat may be the result of an issue with the thermostat; it may be set too low or it may be faulty, it could also be a blown fuse or tripped breaker or the pilot light may have gone out. Inadequate heat is usually the result of a dirty filter or air burner, replace the filter.

Gas leaks:

All gas furnaces incorporate a gas shut-off system in the controls to prevent the any gas leaks, even with this there is the possibility of a leak. If you suspect there is a leak, make a mixture of liquid soap and water and apply it to the gas lines and valves. If there is a leak, the mix will bubble up at that point. If you feel comfortable doing it, attempt to tighten the fitting with a pipe wrench, otherwise call someone to do this heating repair in Knoxville for you. In most cases, you are advised to have any gas leaks repaired by a professional.

Switches on and off frequently:

If the gas furnace switches on and off repetitively it can be caused by a faulty thermostat, dirty filter or blower motor problem. Inspect the thermostat and reset the heat anticipator, then clean or replace the filter. If the problem appears to emanate from the blower motor, the only thing you can do is apply a few drops of oil to the shaft, if this does not work, the company that does your major heating repair Knoxville area will have to be called in.

Extinguished pilot light:

In a fierce wind the pilot light can be blown out with a back draft, if that was not the cause it could be caused by dirt in the orifice or a faulty thermocouple which will stop the flow of gas. If it is the thermocouple you will have to refer to the furnace manual, however, if you cannot locate the manual just try resetting the pilot setting, clean the pilot light opening and re-lighting the pilot.

There are many other problems than happen with a gas furnace, the blower belts can start screaming or bearings can fail. In the event of these more major issues, getting a reputable company in to do the heating repair is recommended.


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