Transforming Manhattan House: The Minds Behind the Redesign

Transforming Manhattan House: The Minds Behind the Redesign

In 2007, New York’s Manhattan House underwent a major transformation. The historic postwar building is now the home of high-quality luxury Manhattan apartments, the sale of which attracts the most discerning of tenants. Visitors to Manhattan House will see the work of multiple experts and talents from around the world, all coming together to bring it to a new standard of class and luxury. Here are three of the influences behind the exquisite Manhattan landmark’s new look.

Sasaki Associates: A garden filled with light

Manhattan House has always been a leading New York name in modern design, so when it came time to reimagine Joanna Diman’s design for the one-acre private garden, there were few better choices than Sasaki Associates. Its founder, landscape architect Hideo Sasaki, was a notable figure in the push to modernize his field. Sasaki believed his projects needed to work in the context of the environment surrounding them, and emphasized an integration of planning and design that is evident in the projects of his namesake corporation. Today, Sasaki Associates seeks to bring its founder’s vision to multiple disciplines of design, with an emphasis on collaboration, excellence, and environmental consciousness.

Hans Van de Bovenkamp: Finding nature in abstraction

Two unique statues adorn the greenery of Manhattan House’s garden, adding energy and vibrance to the natural beauty it possesses. These statues, brought to the Upper East Side from their original homes around the country, are the work of Dutch sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp. Known for his work creating outdoor sculptures, Van de Bovenkamp uses varied painted and bare metals to create shapes and structures inspired by myth, dreams, and spirit. The sculptures known as “Red Gateway” and “Trinity” were respectively created in 1986 and 2001 of stainless steel, and later were moved to the Upper East Side to find a home in Manhattan House’s garden, providing beautiful, thought-provoking scenery for residents and guests to enjoy.

Vicente Wolf: Interior mastery

Perhaps the expert touch that will be felt most by residents is Vicente Wolf’s. For decades, Wolf has been at the top of his industry, earning numerous awards from interior design authorities such as Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, and Interior Design Magazine, where he was inducted into its Designer Hall of Fame. A lover of travel and international culture, Wolf’s inspiration comes from across the world and is evident in his work, from his furnishing of the finest luxury apartments for sale in Manhattan House to the fresh new designs he brought to the building’s spacious lobby. Though he draws inspiration from all over, Wolf places emphasis on simplicity and integrity in his designs, creating an elegant style all his own.

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