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Mental health problems have become a common issue in America. According to statistics, 1 in every 5 Americans suffers from a mental illness that needs urgent address. Unfortunately, only 40 percent of mental health patients seek treatment. While the situation is getting worse, physicians now advice on the need to seek appropriate mental health treatment in St Paul. If you or your loved one is showing the following signs, you should make an attempt of seeking urgent medical intervention:

Overwhelming Sadness and Anger

If you experience a strong feeling of sadness or anger, then chances are that you are suffering from a mental health disorder. For some people, they may get angered by little things that shouldn’t really count. Anger and sadness can be signs of depression, stress, or schizophrenia. Therefore, be sure you visit a doctor at St Paul.

Addictive or Compulsive Behavior

Usually, people tend to turn to drugs, substances, food, or sex as a way to manage their mental disorders. Unfortunately, these kinds of compulsive behaviors aren’t always the solution. The worst part of it is that depending on drugs, food, or sex to cope with daily life can only bring addiction, which makes the situation worse. Therefore, the only sure way out of this is medical intervention.

Drop-In Functioning

Mental health disorders do affect your normal way of functioning in one way or the other. For instance, if you find yourself performing poorly in school, sports, or at work, then you should visit a mental therapist. Also, you can find yourself losing interest in familiar tasks, or activities you used to enjoy. When you discover this, it should be a red flag that something is missing.

If you suspect you are having mental stress, depression, bipolar, or any other disorder, be sure to seek mental health treatment in St Paul. Options Family & Behavior Services, Inc. are dedicated to offering individual-centered therapeutic services to all our patients. Also, you can visit our sites today for more information.

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