Too Much Space? A Room Divider Can Help

Too Much Space? A Room Divider Can Help

It’s a common dilemma: You need another room, or at least another space in your house. Maybe it is because two children are tired of sharing a room, or a separate room is needed for crafts or some other hobby. Or perhaps it would be nice for you to have an office where bills, paperwork and other important things are hidden from visitors. Short of an entire remodel of the home, the best way to get additional space is with a room divider.

Room dividers allow for any room to function as two or more separate rooms. However, room dividers offer convenience because they do not require remodeling and they do not permanently change the structure of a home. Many homeowners think that they want as much wide open space as possible when they are first looking at a house. Once in the house, however, they may find that some of the hominess and intimacy that they dreamed about having in their home is missing. Room dividers can come to the rescue to create smaller, cozier, more intimate spaces.

On the other hand, some people like a feeling of openness and do not do so well in a closed, confined space. One might think that a room divider would hem them in and give them a claustrophobic feeling. However, it is possible to enjoy the spacing benefits that a room divider provides, while at the same time allowing for a more open feel for those who do not want to be closed in. A clear or opaque glass room divider can provide both of these atmospheres for the same room.

A glass room divider is the perfect way to have the best of both worlds—an intimate space with an open feel. A glass roomdivider can be frosted to provide privacy or completely clear to provide uninterrupted vision while still creating a separate space. Or, the room divider can be lightly frosted so that there is a mixture of both privacy and vision. With a glass room divider, the possibilities are endless. Not only that, but it can blend in with any décor since the because can be in a metal or wooden finish, or even a simple black or white.

If you are looking to create new and exciting spaces in your home but do not want to reconstruct your entire house, consider the advantages of a functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing glass room divider.

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