Tips to Reduce PMI Insurance Costs for Your Mortgage in Reading PA

Tips to Reduce PMI Insurance Costs for Your Mortgage in Reading PA

Depending upon their initial down payment, homeowners with a Mortgage in Reading PA may or may not have to get mortgage insurance. Considered a bane to homeowners and a benefit to the banks, a personal mortgage insurance (PMI) policy is required when a mortgage is carried that exceeds 80% of the home’s value. In most instances when the initial loan is written for more than 80% of the asking prices, the monthly payments to the bank will include the loan payment, PMI premium, as well as property taxes and home insurance against hazards. The total monthly payment can quickly move from being affordable to being impossible to maintain.

How To Lower or Eliminate Your PMI Cost

There are a few solutions to eliminate the need for PMI completely. If you already own your home and it has increased in value over time, have it reappraised. When the new appraisal value is high enough, you may be able to prove that the remainder of your Mortgage in Reading PA is less than 80% of the total value of the property. When buying a new home, make sure that you place a 20% down payment to avoid the requirement of PMI insurance completely. To reduce your costs, choose a conventional home loan rather than a government loan program. Government programs require personal mortgage insurance for 5 years on new loans while conventional loans are linked to the percentages owed on the home. Additionally, the cost of insurance will be lower the better your credit score is.

Who Sells Personal Mortgage Insurance

Many insurance companies sell mortgage insurance. In many cases, they work closely with the lender to ensure that you have the required coverage. In Reading. the Chester Perfetto Agency Inc sells home, mortgage, life, and auto insurance and works with many of their customers to bundle policies under a single, more affordable umbrella.

The decision to buy a home depends on many different factors. The cost of PMI insurance may break the deal for some prospective buyers. Keep in mind that the cost varies depending upon many different factors including the cost of the house, value of the property, type of loan, and credit score of the buyers. Work with your lender and a qualified insurance agent to get a solution you can live with before you buy.

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