Tips to Help You Find the Right Roommate for Your Tempe Apartment

If you have decided that living off campus is right for you, you may have to get a roommate so that you can share expenses associated with the apartment. Here are a few things to help you determine if a specific roommate is right for you.

Just because someone is your best friend does not mean they will make a good roommate. The person you choose to be your roommate should have similar values and have similar ideas about saving money, cleanliness, and noise. While there are many exciting things that happen while you are attending university classes, your ultimate goal is to graduate and use that education to build a career. This means that you need a home where you can focus on studying. If your roommate constantly has guests over, plays loud music, doesn’t pay their bills, and never cleans, you are not going to be able to focus on studying.

When looking for off campus housing near ASU, make sure you find a place that is right for two or more individuals. Before signing a lease on an apartment, make sure that you understand the process that a roommate needs to go through to apply for the same off campus housing near ASU.

Sign an agreement with your roommate that outlines things like noise, how often guests can visit, how late guests can stay, who will pay the bills, and when the bills will be paid.

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