Tips on Repairing Cracks in Asphalt

If you own a home in Minnesota, then you know how frustrating it can be when your driveway starts to show the effects of the elements. The cyclic freezing and thawing of earth causes materials to expand and contract which, over time, will wreak havoc on your driveways, concrete or asphalt in Toledo OH.

Generally speaking, most of these tiny fissures in your driveway are harmless and can easily be repaired, provided you act quickly once you notice the damage. What you don’t want to happen is to allow the cracks to widen to the point where the earth underneath the asphalt becomes exposed. This is when serious erosion can occur.

If you have a driveway which is gravel or dirt, cracking isn’t really an issue for you. The effects of water and erosion you will notice are potholes, dips and bumps which can make for a very rutted driveway. If your driveways is asphalt in Toledo OH, then you will want to address the problem quickly and put together a checklist of items you will need to repair the crack.

In addition to wearing protective clothing such as goggles and gloves, you will want to get yourself a mason’s hammer or hand sledge hammer, a broom and wire brush and a flat screwdriver or mason’s chisel. Invest in a good pointing trowel as well as an air compressor.

Your first step is to prepare the area for repair. Using your hammer or chisel and remove any broken asphalt in Toledo OH pieces. Then, take the wire brush and clear out any dirt or debris from the crack. Take that to the next level by using the air compressor– a good shop vacuum will work, too– and blow out any small dirt particles.

Once the area is properly cleaned, you can start filling the crack with an asphalt-emulsion rubberized crack filler. It is best to use a caulking gun. With your trowel, smooth out the surface and allow the filler to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If the crack is more than two inches deep, fill the gap with crushed gravel first. Stay away from large gravel like pea gravel as these do not provide suitable bases. Tamp the gravel down using a tamper or a wooden post. Then, go back with the asphalt filler and finish the job. Even though the surface of the asphalt may feel dry, it will take several weeks for the asphalt to fully cure. Wait until the filled crack is fully dried before you seal it.

Keeping your asphalt in Toledo OH looking great all year long is easier than you think. Talk to the professionals who working daily with asphalt in Toledo OH for other tips on how to keep your driveway looking great.

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