Tips for Successful Office Build Outs in Tinley Park, IL

Growing a business is exciting, especially when it comes time to expand into a new office space. At the same time, Office Build Outs in Tinley Park IL can be stressful if property owners don’t know what they’re doing. Read on to find some tips that can help.

Develop a Plan

Work with a construction service to develop a plan before choosing materials for the build-out. First, identify the primary reasons for expanding or developing the workspace, then try to determine what kinds of changes will need to be implemented to achieve those goals. This will help with developing a realistic budget.

Establish a Budget Early in the Process

Before the project moves forward from the design to the construction phase, establish a budget. Determine how much money the business can afford to spend on the expansion or renovation, and use the building’s floor plan to determine a dollar amount per square foot. When establishing a budget, be sure to keep the cost of materials, fixtures, finishes, office design, and construction labor in mind, and prepare for unexpected expenses by budgeting at least 10% more money than the intended plan requires.

Be Realistic About the Schedule

Professional Office Build Outs in Tinley Park IL take time. Work with the developer to create a realistic and sensible schedule that includes timelines for specific tasks. This is important for current businesses that are expanding their existing workspaces, as there will probably be days where employees’ schedules will be disrupted, and these can be minimized by working with the contractor to figure out a realistic timeline in advance.

Choose the Right Construction Company

Work with a contractor that has plenty of experience with office build-outs. There are a lot of differences between residential renovations and commercial build-outs, so choose a contractor that has experience with both. Start working with the company from the very beginning, and don’t be afraid to offer input.

Get Started Today

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