Tips For Planning A Group Pheasant Hunting Trip

Corporate events, getting together a group of friends, or perhaps even planning a hunting trip for the family is a great way to spend some time outdoors doing something you enjoy. Planning a pheasant hunting trip is always a popular option as it is action-packed, there are lots of opportunities to hunt, and people with different levels of hunting and shooting experience can all have fun.

When planning a group pheasant hunting trip, we recommend letting our staff handle all the planning. The team at Lazy J Grand Lodge are all local people, and we hunt our own farming and cattle operation properties that include over 20,000 acres. We have been providing hunting events for groups and individual sportsmen since 1983, and we have the local knowledge as well as the spacious accommodations, experienced guides, exceptional dogs, and the food and hospitality to make this a group hunting trip that will stand out in your memories.

Accommodation and Food

When planning a group hunting trip, having at least two or three days to hunt is always the best idea. We have unlimited sporting clays on hand to help you to get warmed up to hitting birds on the fly before we head out to the fields, and we also have meeting rooms, guest rooms with Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and even additional guest kennel facilities if you want to bring your own hunting dog.

Guests can enjoy sitting back and talking about their day in one of our 2 lounge areas, enjoying a drink at the upstairs or downstairs bar, or taking in a beautiful sunset on our outdoor patio and grill area.

Our food is exceptional, and our packages include all meals, so there is no additional planning required for the trip. Just let us know what you need, and we ensure you have the best group pheasant hunting trip possible.

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