Tips for Leasing Medical Office Space in Newnan

Tips for Leasing Medical Office Space in Newnan

Due to the fast paced and ever-changing environment in the medical industry, it is not uncommon for many medical professionals to lease their office space instead of purchasing it. The unique nature of the medical industry, coupled with the requirements for a suitable office space makes the search for the ideal location very important. Utilize the following tips for leasing medical office space in Newnan to ensure that you choose the best location possible.

Check for adherence to the Disabilities Act

If you plan to operate a medical facility, it is very important for you to ensure that whichever location you lease adheres closely to the Disabilities Act. The Disabilities act makes it essential for you to ensure that your facility is easily accessible to anyone who has a disability. This means making sure that the building is equipped with ramps, elevators and bathroom facilities that accommodate all disabled persons as well as persons who do not have disabilities.

Ensure that the property is suitable for medical use

The nature of the medical industry means that the property that you choose to lease should be suitable for medical use. Issues such as the storage and disposal of hazardous waste, the number of person that can be on the premises at once and the types of activities that can happen on the premises are all important considerations. Review the lease thoroughly to ensure future compliance.

Determine any issues that relate to hours of operation

Many medical facilities operate on a 24 hours 7 days a week basis. If you plan to do the same, it is important to identify any issues that relate to acceptable opening hours laid out by the property owner. This is not usually an issue unless the leasing agreement includes a clause for the property owner to pay all utilities. If this is the case, ask to adjust the leasing agreement to pay your own utility bills or include an additional payment to facilitate around the clock business hours.

Use these helpful tips for leasing medical office space in Newnan to ensure that you find the ideal location for your needs. To get assistance with finding a suitable medical office space for leasing or for additional storage space for your medical supplies, contact Greison Storage today for more information.

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