Tips for hiring professional movers

by | May 24, 2014 | Moving and Relocating, Moving Services

When you are faced with a move, either across town or across the country you are going to have to prepare yourself and your family as well as making some serious decisions. Not every moving company is good so you need to be extremely careful when you are ready to select the movers in Queens that you are willing to entrust your belongings to and you must be extremely vigilant when it comes to managing the contract you have with them.

  • Leave yourself plenty of time to do some informal research on moving companies that may consider. Ask around, talk to people who have moved and get their opinions on the company they used. Once you have a few names that are supported by good experiences then call the Better Business Bureau and see if these companies have had an unreasonable number of complaints, discard those who have.

  • If you are moving interstate then remember that moving charges are based on weight and distance. Make sure you ask for at least three estimates and ask for them well in advance of your moving day and ask if the estimates are binding or non-binding and most certainly do not accept any estimate over the phone.

  • The movers in Queens must be made aware of everything that is going to be moved because if it is not in the estimate you can expect to be charged extra. You also need to appraise the moving company if there are any parking problems in your new place of residence as there may be additional costs if the movers have to walk a considerable distance.

  • Your homeowners insurance will not cover your property while it is in transit. You are well advised to purchase insurance that will cover the value of your property while it is in transit. If the movers do the packing they are responsible for any breakage but not for loss.

  • The contract that you enter into will cover all rates and charges, the dates for pick-up and delivery and the movers liability. Read the contract carefully and ask if there are items that you don’t fully understand.

  • If you have options on when you will move try to plan it anytime between October and April. These are considered slow times in the industry and you can expect a better price.

Movers are responsible for loss and damage. When your shipment arrives at your new home if there are cartons unaccounted for or any obvious damage has taken place, this is the time to note it. You may not be able to look in every carton but at least look to see if they appear to be in good condition and they are all there.

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