Tips for Choosing an Orthodontist in California, MD

Nobody wants to hear that their kids need braces, as this can be a quite expensive and time-consuming treatment process. Choosing the wrong orthodontist can make dealing with getting braces even more traumatizing. Check out these tips for choosing an Orthodontist in California MD.

Get Multiple Opinions

Different orthodontists offer different types of braces and will recommend different treatment plans. Visit at least two or three to find out which treatment courses they would recommend and how much each would cost with or without insurance. Decide which of the options best suits your needs and treatment preferences.

Ask About Alternatives

You should also ask what would happen if you don’t follow one of the courses of treatment recommended by the orthodontist. Perhaps the orthodontist recommends pulling some teeth, but you’d rather avoid that. Have him explain what would happen or what course of action would then be needed.

Consider the Office Location and Hours

You’ll be making quite a few trips to the office for adjustments and check-ins during the course of treatment, which often takes a year to a year and a half. This means you need to find a location that isn’t too far away and that has appointments at times that fit your schedule. Keep in mind that some orthodontists only offer certain types of appointments at certain times, so even if they’re open the right hours, they may not have the type of appointment you need available at a suitable time.

Discuss Payment Options

Even if you have insurance, it often doesn’t cover the full course of treatment. Discuss potential payment options, including payment plans, to make sure that the Orthodontist in California MD has an option that’s affordable for you.

Evaluate the Office and Staff

While you’re visiting, consider how friendly the staff members are in the office and how much you like the orthodontist. Also, think about how it would be to spend a decent amount of time in the office waiting for your child. This is especially important if you have younger children that need to be entertained, and some offices keep this in mind by providing snack stations and toys and playing videos in the office.

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