Three Tips For De-stressing in Your Student Apartment in Ole Miss

It is no secret that college can be a stressful experience, especially when you are worried about assignments, projects and exams. What you need is a day of relaxation in your student housing in Ole Miss. You can start relaxing by checking out the following tips for de-stressing in your student apartment.

Organize Your Space

If you are living in a space that is cluttered and unorganized, you may feel overwhelmed. Take back your space by organizing your private bedroom and bathroom. Clear out the unwanted clutter, pick up any trash left around your space and give your space a good cleaning from top to bottom.

Practice Yoga or Meditation

You are going to find that yoga and meditation can go a long way when you are stressed. Yoga and meditation can be used to regulate your breathing, encourage mindfulness and reduce your anxiety. You can also use yoga and meditation to improve your sleep, which is essential for a day of classes.

Take a Day to Yourself

Whenever you have the opportunity to take the day off, use it to take care of yourself. Get in a solid workout or yoga session, go for a walk or take a hot shower. You can also watch a movie, bake your favorite treat or catch up on your sleep. A day to just relax without any obligations is essential to facing your busier days.

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