Three Tips For Cleaning Your Off-Campus Housing When Living Alone

by | Jul 9, 2024 | Student Housing Center

If you are renting your ECU off campus housing alone, you are responsible for cleaning your studio apartment. However, cleaning your apartment does not have to be a difficult task. There are several ways to keep your apartment tidy without an extra set of hands.

1. Create a Realistic Schedule

Start by creating a cleaning schedule based on your classes and work shifts. You want to maintain your apartment without putting too much on your plate. One idea is to mop early and allow your floors to dry while you are in class. You can take care of ordinary tasks, such as wiping your kitchen counters, after dinner. However, be sure to give yourself time to study and relax in the evening.

2. Designate a Full Cleaning Day

Designate one of your half-days or days off to clean your apartment from top to bottom. This is the time to take care of private and common areas, from the corners to the closets. While it may not be an ideal activity for your day off, you can take comfort in knowing your student apartment is clean.

3. Quickly Clean Between Your Classes

If you have some downtime between your classes, take care of quick tasks around your ECU off campus housing. You can keep from overworking yourself by devoting those short breaks to five-minute tasks. This includes dusting the coffee and side tables, fluffing the throw pillows, and refilling your dog’s water bowl.

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