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During the winter, your furnace is the most important machine in your house. If it fails to work, your house will become extremely uncomfortable. If it gets cold enough, a home can become dangerously cold to those that live there. The best practice with a furnace is to cut off problems before they get too serious, so keep an eye out for the following three signs you need furnace repair near Niles.

Strange Noises

If your furnace is making a rattling or banging noise, something is wrong. Rattling generally indicates that a screw or panel in the unit is loose. If you hear banging, there is an issue with the ignition, usually too much gas building up before it ignites. Both of these issues should be addressed immediately.


Soot may seem like a harmless byproduct of a furnace’s operation, but it could be a dangerous sign if there is too much. This could mean that the furnace isn’t burning off the gas effectively. In some cases, this can lead to a Carbon Monoxide leak. An increase in the presence of soot means you need a furnace repair near Niles.

Your House Isn’t Warm Enough

Are you noticing your home doesn’t seem to be as warm as it was last winter? This is a sign that your furnace is losing power. This could either be a result of something in the furnace itself or an issue creating a blockage somewhere else in the HVAC system, like the air filters.

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