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One of the main reasons senior choose to move out of their homes is that they are no longer able to handle the upkeep of a single-family home. While it may be easy, and even enjoyable for a young person to mow their own lawn or clean their gutters, these things are sometime impossible for a senior. If the home has a second floor, it may be difficult to navigate the stairs safely. Seniors and their family members may worry about what would happen if they had a medical event while they were home alone. These concerns often lead seniors to sell their homes and move into senior apartments.

Apartments do not require maintenance. When they live in an apartment, seniors do not have to cut grass, maintain the gutters or make any repairs. The apartment community has maintenance staff that will come to a senior’s apartment to fix their clogged drain. There is no need to pay a plumber.
Housekeeping is another chore that becomes more difficult as seniors age. Bending over to keep wood tables dust-free may not be possible due to arthritis or osteoporosis. Vacuuming may be manageable on one floor but, if the home has stairs, seniors may have difficulty climbing them safely to clean their second-floor. In a senior apartment, aging adults can get assistance with their housekeeping if they need it. The one-story floor plans make it easier for older adults to clean their own homes if they choose to do it themselves.

Senior apartments have 24-hour nursing and security staff to keep seniors safe while they live comfortably in their own apartment. Emergency call systems alert the staff to problems so they can be addressed quickly. Family members feel more at-ease knowing that their loved one has access to the staff all day and all night.

Ridgewood Retirement Community offers spacious, comfortable and safe apartments for seniors whether they are able to live independently, need assistance with daily tasks or have a memory condition. The staff are always on hand to assist any resident who needs help. Pets are welcome in the apartments to keep the residents company.


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