This Orthodontist in Kinnelon, NJ Only Treats Children

This Orthodontist in Kinnelon, NJ Only Treats Children

Many older people remember being twelve or thirteen and getting braces. They appreciated it years later when the braces came off for the last time and revealed a perfect smile, but few young teens welcomed braces. Many were feeling more insecure than they ever had. Most young teens were unhappy with how they looked and thought braces made it worse.

Fortunately, pediatric orthodontia has changed a lot since the parents and grandparents of today’s kids were children. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children have their first visit to the dentist before they are one. Early visits and treatments can prevent the necessity for major orthodontic treatment. Bad bites, or malocclusions, can be spotted before children are three. Children who start seeing the dentist very early often have fewer cavities than those who start later.

Many children treated before they are six do not require orthodontic treatment when they are older. Underdeveloped dental arches are a concern at this age. Narrow upper dental arches can cause mouth breathing, caused by not enough space for nasal passages. Mouth breathing can lead to serious health problems much later in life; it is far better to prevent mouth breathing from becoming a habit. Some children lose their primary teeth early. These teeth hold the spaces where the permanent teeth will come in, increasing the chance that the permanent teeth will be straight.

Between the ages of six and twelve, the permanent front teeth and six year molars appear. This is a very good time to begin orthodontic treatment if there are alignment problems. Children respond well to treatment at this age. When children are older than twelve, the final bite relationship is completed.

Wayne pediatric dental care treats only children, including special needs children. Dr. Bryan Johnson received his Degree of Dental Medicine from the University of Louisville and did his pediatric residency at the Rose Kennedy Center at Jacobi Hospital. The Albert Einstein College of Medicine granted Dr. Johnson his certificate in Pediatric Dentistry. This team of experienced professionals handles all dental problems needed by children. Any family looking for a pediatric orthodontist in Kinnelon should discuss their needs with this pediatric dental care office.





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