Thinking About Using 3M Coating Removal Discs for Your Next Project?

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Business logo3M coating removal discs are excellent for using on painted surfaces that require stripping prior to resurfacing, either because the newest coat of paint hasn’t lasted as expected, or because the surface has gotten coated with several layers over the years.

Only a Few Removal Methods

Currently, there are only a few ways paint can be effectively stripped away from a surface. One of those is through the use of harsh chemicals. However, one downside of this method is the chemicals must first be neutralized. This is not only time consuming, but it can bring unpredictable results if the chemicals used are not handled correctly.

High heat is often used to strip off paint as well, but the extreme temperatures can cause burns and pose the risk of fire. Fortunately, 3M coating removal discs are helpful in regards to the final stripping method, which is abrasion. Use one with a disk holder, and you’ll find that this technique is less expensive than using sandpaper.

The 3M Coating Removal Discs Won’t Cause Surface Gouging

This method of removing paint is also adequate for surfaces that are delicate, such as wood. After using a disc and applying a light amount of pressure, expect results similar to what you’d get by using an 100 grit variety of sandpaper. These products come in two varieties of abrasiveness. The fine type should be used on interiors, while the coarse version is ideal for exterior surfaces. Under normal usage conditions, one disk will last for about two to four hours, making it a very economical tool to use while resurfacing.

Complementary Tools

Attach each disc to a holder with a hook and loop design. That’ll make it easier to change to a new disc as needed. If you select a holder that has two handles with rubberized grips, it’ll provide reliable, user-friendly operation during any project you’re working on. Users should also wear eye goggles and a breathing filter when using 3M coating removal discs because resurfacing can cause the air to become filled with fine dust that may irritate the eyes and lungs.

Try these specialized products if you need to quickly remove paint from an indoor or outdoor surface, and want to do it in a way that’s quick and cost effective.

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