Things to Consider When the Need Arises for Auto Body Repair in Queen Creek

In many cases, it’s OK to drive around after a collision has caused a certain amount of auto body damage. However, if the vehicle is unsafe and shouldn’t be considered roadworthy, bringing it in for auto body repair in Queen Creek as soon as possible is advisable. This also includes problems that cause difficulty with maintenance and convenience.


For instance, a crumpled hood may not latch and have to be secured with wire. This makes it more difficult for the vehicle owner to check and refill fluids. The owner may be inclined to let the windshield washing fluid get too low and then end up not being able to clean the glass while traveling along the highway.

A caved-in passenger door may not be able to open. If the person always travels alone, this may not seem like a problem. However, the ironies of life might lead one to expect a friend to call and ask for a ride somewhere.

Time Frame

Having auto body damaged fixed usually is not a fast process. Most vehicle owners have the work paid for by an insurance policy minus the deductible. That may require obtaining a minimum of three estimates and submitting them to the insurer.

These shops tend to be very busy, so the mechanics must schedule the work on the calendar. Not every job can be finished in just one day. The vehicle owner might need to rent a car in the meantime, although some auto body garage provide loaners. Anyone needing this type of repair service may contact us with any questions.

Cost Considerations

The person can have the auto body repair in Queen Creek completed at any garage he or she prefers, but the insurance company might only pay for the amount on the lowest estimate. This individual also can request original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which cost more than aftermarket or salvage components.

The vehicle owner must pay any balance beyond what the insurer covers. Garages like Shift Right Automotive and Transmission Repair accept credit cards and also allow customers to apply for instant credit through the business. Customers can even apply online.

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