Things to consider when hiring a cleaning company

Things to consider when hiring a cleaning company

In this day and age, between work and other obligations there is very little time left for house cleaning. It may seem extravagant to some people but the truth is, having a cleaning company in Chandler come in and do the work may be closer to a necessity than a luxury. Before you engage the services of a cleaner, there are a few things you may wish to consider.

Agency or private hire:

There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. If you go through an agency, you will have to pay their fees, but you will always know that there will be someone to accomplish the task. Hiring a cleaner independently will save the service fee but you will be burdened with paying social security, taxes and insurance on the person, who technically, is your employee. The upside of hiring independently is that you will see the same person all the time and naturally become accustomed to one another.


Regardless of where the person comes from, a cleaning company in Chandler or a direct hire, demand references and check them. You will be able to gauge from the responses given by the past employers as to whether the person is responsible, reliable and honest. These are the three main personal attributes, and of course she has to be a good cleaner.


If you are going through a cleaning company in Chandler, the number of references they can provide will give you a good indication of how long they have been in business. A cleaning company gets better over time, their hiring and training practices become keener and the chances of getting someone who has not been properly vetted by the agency are remote. If you are hiring privately, the important issue is the length of time they stayed working with previous employers.


When the services are compatible, then cost is an important element. If the cleaner is coming from an agency, they will invariably bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment, if you direct hire, these items will have to be provided by yourself. Once you have determined the approximate cost, you are in a better position to determine the frequency of the cleaner.

Background and security check:

It is important that anyone, regardless of where they come from, have a security check and a background check. As the person will be in your home alone, you want to be comfortable in knowing that the person is honest and completely worthy of your trust. The cleaner should have passed all checks, including a check to determine if she can legally work in the country.

Once you have gone this check list and chosen the person or cleaning company in Chandler that you wish; enter into a contact that spells out all the duties and responsibilities of both parties.

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