Things to Consider When Choosing Invisalign in Destin, FL

Things to Consider When Choosing Invisalign in Destin, FL

Stubbs Orthodontics harnesses the best of modern and classic orthodontic technologies to fit the peculiar needs of every individual patient. In a perfect world, no one would need braces at all. But the below things must be considered before making a permanent choice in orthodontic treatment. Stubb’s assesses each patient, and accounts for various areas to make the most informed decision moving forward.


For better or worse, finances come into play when making the correct orthodontic decision. Though prices range drastically, Invisalign is a newer technology that is generally a bit more expensive. Metal braces are less costly, but they lack the widely embraced clear attributes and superb ease of use. Other methods in between these two extremes have their own specific set of pros and cons, and prices are reflected accordingly.

Severity of Misalignment

Sometimes, a simple problem has a simple solution. The severity of the ‘damage’ or teeth alignment enforces new strategies for patients. A mouth with major structural issues requires a more rudimentary technique, such as cranks, rubber bands, and a lot of issues not necessarily widely desired. But a slight angling could be fixed with a clear coating or ceramic mold braces.


Invisalign in Destin, FL

Generated by computer simulation, the Invisalign service will slightly move the teeth in small and precise steps. Because the technology is so specific, many patients report barely any pain during the process. With that said, the system is rather costly, and not all patients are eligible for it. For example, patients with major structural damage or teeth that need extensive work may not fit into the scope of Invisalign’s current capabilities. For both teenagers in school and adults who did not get them as a child, this is important and healthy.

Invisalign in Destin, FL may be a great choice for teenagers, due to their cosmetic appeal. But they often come with a greater price tag. The complex system is perfect for patients with bite problems because of their precise calculations and design in realigning.

Braces technology seems to be in a constant flux of evolution. New changes make it easier every week, and more options are fitting very peculiar and specific needs of patients. Stubb’s keeps tabs on these changing technologies, and offers exactly what is right every time.

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