The When and Why of Going to the Dentist

Going to a Noble Square dentist is essential to your oral and overall health, yet many Americans don’t go regularly. They may not know when to go or may think they should wait until a situation arises. Many times, people put off oral and general healthcare because they believe they shouldn’t bother their professional when nothing is wrong. You may wait until you are sick before going to the doctor, so you may also wait to go to the dentist until you are experiencing pain.


Residents should visit their Noble Square dentist twice a year or roughly every six months. This is the recommended time-frame because plaque and tartar buildup is present but not severe. You can get it removed before it can cause serious problems, such as tooth decay.

However, the six-month rule only applies to people who have healthy gums and teeth. Underlying conditions, such as diabetes, may require that you have more frequent visits. It’s important to talk to doctors and dentists about your particular needs.

Along with such, the six-month rule applies when you are feeling fine. If you start experiencing pain or swelling or have other concerns, it’s always best to go to the dentist immediately, even if you just went a month ago.


Dental visits are essential because dentists examine the gums, tongue, teeth, and cheeks inside the mouth. They clean your teeth with professional-grade materials and scrape away tartar that has solidified from plaque. They also make sure that your gums and mouth are healthy; if they aren’t, you can talk about treatment options. Noble Square residents may also want to consider cosmetic procedures to enhance the look of their smile once it is healthy.

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